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BSET Academy offers equine enthusiasts the unique opportunity to embark on a career with horses. Nestled in the beautiful rolling hills of the Karkloof Valley, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa and established in 2008 by Beth Shaw is also home to the Equine Transeva Technique (ETT™) and SUMCHI Technique.

BSET Academy is the only institution providing specific instruction in SUMCHI Technique, EKWOS and Equine Transeva Technique (ETT™). BSET Academy also teaches riding proficiency and specializes in teaching Fundamental Equine Practices through accredited course material from EQASA and CATHSSETA. Our syllabus also includes Entrepreneurship and how to establish a new Business Venture, preparing students for the working world.


1 YEAR COURSE: Fundamental Equine Practices (FEP) 
Next Course: 20 Jan - 12 Dec 2025   (12 month program)

Would you like to work with horses or be more confident with horses?  BSET Academy have developed the perfect, affordable course, either to compliment your current knowledge and experience, or to provide a foundation for further studies. BSET Academy is located on a working farm and rehabilitation centre in the KZN Midlands, and this full-time 1-year course is this ULTIMATE gap year program is for the equine enthusiast, to enhance your horsemanship, riding, and equine behavioral and well-being understanding. Bring your own horse or build a bond with one of our horses during your studies.
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Next Course: 13 Jan - 12 Dec 2025

BSET 3 HHEM is for the student who is passionate about equine well-being, performance and would like to study and understand the modalities of the SUMCHI Technique, EKWOS, WG TRANSEVA and ETT™ in order to become versed in numerous Holistic Healing Equine Modalities (HHEM). BSET Academy is located on a working farm and rehabilitation centre in the KZN Midlands, and this full-time 2-year course places a large emphasis on practical learning, skills development, and the application of knowledge in the workplace. This ensures that students gain confidence in all aspects of Equine Husbandry, Equine Fundamentals, and a variety of Holistic Healing Equine Modalities that can all lead to occupational opportunities once the student qualifies from BSET Academy. The specialised modalities are enhanced by guest lecturers, and equine dissections.
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Beth Shaw - Breaking New Ground

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Check out our video on Youtube - Beth Shaw is interviewed by Michelle Wing of Turf Talk.


BSET Academy is approved by the International Association of Animal Massage & Bodywork / Association of Canine Water Therapy as an Approved Preferred Educational Provider.

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