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Research Papers

The Equine Pelvis
by Nikita Canot

The front limbs of a horse will determine the how the gait is going to be performed as well as length of stride but the hind quarter is the power house. The hind quarter provides the propulsion for upward and forward movement which is often at great speed. The equine athlete has to move at high speeds but also have to turn sharply and stop suddenly, this requires balance and co-ordination. When assessing lameness in the equine athlete you will commonly look to see if it is a tendon, joint or bone problem, the pelvis is over looked as an area of potential problems.

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by Nancy Shroding

Vitamins are required in small quantities; however a deficiency will disrupt the metabolism and lead to disease or disorders. Each horse is different in their requirements, various aspects play a role such as; breed, condition, work expectancy, living conditions, climate, feed quality etc. In saying this there is no "best" vitamin and it must be tailored individually.

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Magazine Articles

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On-Line Articles

Having been a licensed trainer for a decade from 1990 to 2000, it is difficult not to say that Jane is an ‘old hand’ at what she does, but she certainly knows her way around a pedigree page, as well as how to produce a good, sound individual that will be a rewarding prospect well beyond the sale ring. Read more:

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