The BSET Academy Curriculum

Academy Courses

The BSET Academy offers an intensive twelve-month equine therapy course that will enable students to effectively diagnose and treat equine muscular / skeletal injuries. Students will receive extensive hands-on tuition and they will experience many hours of remedial riding work on horses from a variety of disciplines. They will be instructed in all aspects of Faradic Equine Therapy and trained in the use of the "Winks Greene Transeva", an advanced Faradic machine. This course will give students the confidence and skills required to start their own equine therapy careers.

The course consists of three semesters of three months each. Students take a two-week vacation between semesters. Our students receive concentrated, detailed and comprehensive equine therapy training and tuition aimed at giving them the tools to start their own therapy career in horses.

Short Courses

Goal: To expose the student to the different career paths in the equine industry, provide tuition for EQASA 1 and 2, develop stable management and riding skills.

Course dates: 

May 30 - August 31 2016.


Further Details  on BSET 1 Course:

Introduction to Fundamental Equine Practices


During the course we aim to expose the students to......

- 2 days at a pertaining(racing) yard

- Shadowing a farrier (1 or 2 days)

- Shadowing a equine dentist

- Shadowing a race horse trainer on a normal training day and a race day

- Sabiya Yearling sale to study conformation

- Day at SA Thoroughbred Stud Farm

- Scribing at Treverton showing show (conformation)

- Shadowing ETT Practitioner

- Day at Scottsville Race Course – this teaches students what goes on behind the scence at a race day (i.e. starting gates, timing, camaras)

- Morning at Spurwing feeds – how horse feed is made

- Morning at Boomer Bits – manufacture of horse bits

- Day at SA Nissan Show Jumping Show

- Day at Horse and Wine festival

- Vodacom Durban July (tickets at cost to student)

-Gold Cup (tickets at cost to students)

-BMW Polo at Shongweni Polo Club



Introduction to Fundamental Equine Practices

May 30 – August 31,2016


Tuition and Boarding Costs: R64,000

  • BSET lectures, exams, riding lessons
  • This includes basic maid service, laundry, hot breakfast


Uniform Costs: TBC


EQASA 1 and 2 (optional) exam fees: R3,400



  Eqasa 1 and 2 study guides: R350

  BSET 1 study guide: R 300


27 (0)87 808 3456

PO Box 91, Howick, 3290