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BSET 1: Equine Enthusiast

This course is perfect if you're looking for something to fill 4 months during your gap year! We have created it especially for the equine enthusiast looking to further their horsemanship, riding skill and equine behavioural understanding. Bring your own horse or build a bond with one of our horses during your stay.

Course Structure:

  • Preparation for the EQASA Modules 1 and 2, basic stable management, horse care and lunging.
  • Riding lessons and drills focussed on developing an independent seat and balance.
  • Natural horsemanship lessons with Mandy Hunt, founder of Ekwos Training and Development. Ekwos focuses on developing natural horsemanship techniques and the students’ awareness of equine behaviour.

Accommodation is provided at BSET Academy, which is nestled in the picturesque KZN midlands.

Dates vary as they are linked to EQASA exam dates. Provisional months are February to May or August to November. To find out more please contact

BSET 2: Fundamental Equine Practices and Equine Transeva Technique (ETT™)

BSET 2 is for the student who is passionate about equine wellbeing and performance and would like to study the modality of ETT™ and become an ETT™ practitioner and member of the Equine Transeva Technique Association of Accredited Practitioners (ETT-AAP).

BSET 2 is a full time two year course that incorporates tuition in both the theoretical and practical aspects of the equine industry. Students receive extensive hands-on tuition with the W.G. Transeva to gain the required confidence in their newly found skill.  The riding instruction is aimed at developing riding skills to further improve the equine athlete.  Students receive detailed and comprehensive tuition aimed at giving them the tools to stand their ground in the equine industry.

Specialised subjects are enhanced by lectures given by Veterinarians, Nutritionists, Dentists, Farriers and more.

Equine dissections also form an important aspect of the tuition.

Riding: Students are paired with horses that are schooled to their level of competence, these usually change with each trimester as students’ progress and start to develop and refine their riding skills. Each student will have one designated project horse. Project horses also fall into the RTI (Rider Transeva Integration) Project in the second year, where guided Transeva and Conditioning programs are used to assess progress or changes in their horse.

Ekwos: Instruction is provided in natural horsemanship techniques, and their project horses are used for bonding time, equine understanding and skills and games to improve performance.

Body Work: Students are introduced to equine body work and myofascial release techniques. The Sumchi technique which is a new edition to the syllabus is taught to enhance ETT™ sessions.

Equine Transeva Technique- ETT™: Students start their training on BSET owned horses. Once deemed confident through passing appropriate exams students are allowed off campus to earn ETT™ hours, supervised and unsupervised at local yards. Specific written and practical exams are conducted at the end of each trimester to assess competence.

Lectures: Topics include feeding, nutrition, conformation, health care, anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, investigating lameness and conditioning of the sport horse.

Research: Oral and written presentations of research on a prescribed topic will be guided in the format of case studies, with guided methodology and knowledge development.

Practical sessions: Workplace experience is gained through shadowing ETT™ practitioners and getting to engage with other industry experts both on and off campus.

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BSET Academy is approved by the International Association of Animal Massage & Bodywork / Association of Canine Water Therapy as an Approved Preferred Educational Provider

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