BSET Academy History

BSET Academy was founded in 2008, by Beth Shaw to teach and share the great knowledge and developments of Sir Charles Strong and Winks Greene.

The ideology behind BSET Academy started long ago with Sir Charles Strong.  Charles Strong worked as a physiotherapist to the royal family as he routinely worked on Lord Mountbatten. Charles became very interested in the effect electricity has on the body and how it can be used for healing. In the 1940’s he worked on developing his own method of electrotherapy and creating the “Strong Box”, now known as the W.G. Transeva.  It was Lord Mountbatten who first encouraged Charles Strong to extend his electrotherapy to treat horses. Charles Strong publicized his work in a book called “Common –Sense Therapy for Horse Injuries.” Sir Charles Strong was later knighted for his work with the Transeva.

In 1952 Winks Greene went to England and studied under Sir Charles Strong.  She moved back to South Africa bringing a Strong Box with her. Winks Greene developed her career and the Natal Equine Rehabilitation Center.  Greene continued to grow Charles Strong’s technique and theories.  Like Strong, Greene was a pioneer in the field of electrotherapy, both were ahead of their time.

"A good idea is never lost even though it's originator or possessor may die without publicizing it, it will someday be reborn in the mind of another" Thomas Edison


“Beth Shaw studied under one of South Africa’s pioneers of equine body work, the inimitable Winks Greene and has been an Equine Transeva Technique practitioner for over 15 years.” (Sporting Post, 23 September 2016). Once Winks retired she passed her work and her client base to Beth.  Shaw’s work has been proven time and time again over the multiple equine disciplines.   “As Winks before me, I am now the guardian of the technique and it’s my responsibility to take it to the next level.” (Beth Shaw, Sporting Post, 23 September 2016).  Equine Transeva Technique was named and trademarked in 2014 and the Equine Transeva Technique Association of Accredited Practitioners was created in 2015

The academic structure at BSET Academy has been developed and refined into a two year course: Equine Practices and Equine Transeva Technique - ETT™.  BSET Academy was started in 2008 with two students graduating in 2009. BSET Academy has grown over the last 10 years and the Academy now intakes 8 students for per year. The modality of ETT has grown internationally and BSET Academy alumni are successfully working globally in the equine industry as ETT™ practitioners.

Robyn Butterworth joined BSET in 2013 as the Head Academic Facilitator and Riding Instructor.  She has developed an intensive academic curriculum and has been fundamental to developing the successful ETT™ practitioner.

Brigit Schroder, a graduate of BSET Academy, is an ETT practitioner and an ETT instructor at BSET.

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